Greyweathers was built in the 1840’s, originally situated on the banks of the Rideau Canal past Burritt’s Rapids. It was moved in one piece to Merrickville in 1985, where the ship lap siding and roof was replaced, wiring and plumbing added and a small addition put on the back to give it the shape of a salt box. Holly Dean purchased her lovely home in 1988 and came to call it Greyweathers, after the name of a house in Suzanna Kearsley’s book, Marianna. In 2001, Holly and her husband Larry Thompson added a large studio to the back. Holly, a visual artist and Larry, a printer and artist, work out of The Studio at Greyweathers full time, enjoying to the fullest their creative lives.

During the House & Garden Tour, Holly will be working on mixed media art while Larry prints on his Vandercook letterpress. They are pleased to share with you the delights of their artist home and studio.