The Stephen Merrick house, erected in 1844 in Merrickville by Stephen Merrick, son of the founder of Merrickville, is recognized as a Canadian historic site and part of the architectural heritage of the Rideau Corridor by Parks Canada. The cut-stone front of ashlar detailed in the style of the Classical Revival, including cut stone pilasters at each end, is the main feature of this house.

Kathering Ashenburg (in her book “Going to Town: Architectural Walking Tours in Southern Ontario”) wrote:

The typically overpowering Greek Revival doorway, with its tapering Doric columns and pediment, attracts attention first but the superbly cut ashlar masonry is even more impressive. Note how the house is framed by the stone pilasters at the corners and the entablature that extends across the whole front. All the details have been considered, from the sills that rest on a line of mortar to the panel in the stone entablature that lines up with the little row of dentils in the portico. Behind the splashy portico, the house is a symmetrical five-bay neclassical house like many in the region, save for the ashlar. The view from the side is very different, with broken-coursed limestone replacing the ashlar, and a kitchen tail with a massive, hard working chimney.

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Cherry Picked

Located on a historic property in the heart of Merrickville, Cherry Picked is a new shop born from a love of the Canadian artisan. Tucked in beside the historic Stephen Merrick house built in 1844, the store is a quaint nod to times past; with red batten board siding and cedar shingles.

Owner Mitch Rochette describes the shop as a “natural extension of their [he and wife Leslie] love and appreciation for Canadian handmade goods.” Having travelled throughout Canada, the couple found themselves drawn away from the beaten path, seeking out local artists and makers. Avid followers of the makers movement, it was during an extensive trip through Newfoundland that the pair decided to help promote Canadian artisans and share their love of Canadian made goods. It wasn’t long after that they pulled up roots in Ottawa and moved to Merrickville, embracing the small town and its artistic community.

Cherry Picked offers a wide variety of fine handmade goods. Their carefully selected collection includes the best of Canadian artists and artisans from across the country: hand spun wool from Yellowknife, classic handmade wooden toys from Victoria, stunning original art from Ontario and Quebec, exquisite jewellery from Nova Scotia, quirky Cape Breton folk art to gorgeous linens hand printed in St. John’s, Newfoundland. “Our offerings will be constantly changing as we continue to meet new artists throughout Canada,” says Mitch. “We are lucky to have such an abundance of quality work to choose from in this country.”

In today’s world of disposable merchandise, Cherry Picked stands out from the crowd. The store’s raison d’être is clearly stated on their website “Today, more than ever, we value goods made with care and thoughtful consideration. Quality materials, sourced here in Canada, transformed by skilled hands into works of art. Our Canadian craftspeople embody the best of the movement towards handmade, local, ethical and ecologically responsible goods.” Mitch and Leslie look forward to welcoming you to Merrickville and to Cherry Picked, where you will always find something uniquely Canadian.