This Elgin Street home and garden sits on land originally owned by the Mirrick family. The Edwardian style house was built in the 1880’s. The owners, Joelle Schmid and Nick Previsich, purchased the house in 2012 and gardening quickly became a passion of theirs and is a work in progress.

The property has distinct gardening zones that present both opportunities and challenges.

The south side verandah receives the greatest amount of sun and is home to a variety of plants including lavender and Joelle’s prized cherry tomatoes. The north-west has been ideal for growing garlic. The north side of the property originally held a black walnut tree which was removed to let in more sunlight. The wood has been harvested and will be used to create furniture. The four L-shaped raised garden beds were originally constructed to offset the inhibiting effect of the juglone produced by the black walnut tree. The east side of the property contains a small herb garden and a fountain in the shade. Straw is used liberally throughout the garden to retain moisture and control weeds.

The garden will be enhanced by the addition of small garden architecture developed by Merrickville Artists Guild member Jan Schryburt – Applegarth Studio – a rustic designer and builder of garden furniture and trellage.

For your musical listening pleasure the garden will play host on the back deck to a trio of harpists (The Harp Triangle) from 11:00am to 3:00pm.

Support Our Local Businesses

Merrickville Antiques – a seasonal antique shop – will be open in the converted garage and will feature quality period furniture, paintings, rugs and pottery.