The house is on Kilmarnock Island. The land on which the house was built was given to the sons of Benedict Arnold for their father’s help in the American revolution. They owned the land until the 1830’s but never lived on it. The house was built by a stone mason named John Ferguson who came over to work on the building of the canal. He bought the land from the Arnold’s and built the house. There is another stone house on the other side of the island that was built by his brother. The house stayed in the Ferguson family until the 1940’s, and has had 5 owners since then.  The house was the main farm house for all the surrounding farm until 1951, when the house was severed off from the land on just under 2 acres of land. The farm land is now owned and worked by the Maitland family farm.

The house has had extensive renovations done since 1995 when the current owners purchased it. The turret was added in 2006. The landscaping has, also, all been done by the current owners. There was a swarm of bees that came to the property in the late 1990’s and were captured and Angel Manor Honey was created. The bees have now been transferred to an organic farm field off the property.

Throughout the house you will see many original art pieces collected from several artists in the area. The kitchen pantry is the original cupboard from the summer kitchen that was on the house in the 1800’s. The stained glass work throughout the house has all been done by the current owner.